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Delicious ham from South Tyrol

Our ham specialities from South Tyrol such as "Kaiser fesa" ham, Farmer’s ham and many more ham specialities from South Tyrol are lightly smoked and gently cooked to ensure the finest quality and juicy flavour.

Prague half piece

Prague ham

half piece, 2,5 kg

29,75 €
11,90 €/kg
Farmer's quarter piece

Farmer's ham

quarter piece, 1,8 kg

30,42 €
16,90 €/kg
Farmer's piece

Farmer's ham

piece, 700 g

11,83 €
16,90 €/kg
"Kaiser fesa” half piece

"Kaiser fesa” ham

half piece, 800 g

9,52 €
11,90 €/kg
"Lonzino cotto” half piece

"Lonzino cotto” ham

half piece, 900 g

10,71 €
11,90 €/kg
"Manzo cotto Dolomiti” half piece

"Manzo cotto Dolomiti” ham

half piece, 2,5 kg

34,75 €
13,90 €/kg
"Porchetta Brixner” half piece

"Porchetta Brixner”

half piece, 4 kg

55,60 €
13,90 €/kg
Stewed piece

Stewed pork belly bacon

piece, 500 g

6,95 €
13,90 €/kg
"Lyoner tradizionale” half piece

"Lyoner tradizionale”

half piece, 1,8 kg

on request
18,90 €/kg
"Lyoner peperoni” half piece

"Lyoner peperoni”

half piece, 1,8 kg

on request
18,90 €/kg
Smoked and stewed piece

Smoked and stewed loin

piece, 450 g

6,26 €
13,90 €/kg
Smoked and stewed slices

Smoked and stewed loin

slices, 200 g

2,78 €
13,90 €/kg
Smoked 2 piece pack

Smoked pork ribs

2 piece pack, 690 g

6,21 €
9,00 €/kg
Smoked 1 portion

Smoked pork knuckle

1 portion, 960 g

7,68 €
8,00 €/kg

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News from Vontavon in South Tyrol

In this section, you will find the latest news on speck ham, sausages, ham, regional specialities and our company.


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