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La nostra linea prodotti "Vontavon Sanus"

Enjoy a taste of nature with “Vontavon Sanus”

Good flavour starts with the finest raw materials

Natural meat from humanely reared animals

The product line “Vontavon Sanus” complements our assortment with speck ham and sausages made exclusively from animals that are reared in a humane and sustainable way – without anti-biotics, hormones, OMGs and preservatives, gluten- and lactose free.

Products of the “Vontavon Sanus” line
Speck Sanus whole piece

Speck Sanus Gourmet

whole piece, 5 kg

92,50 €
18,50 €/kg
Speck Sanus half piece

Speck Sanus Gourmet

half piece, 2,8 kg

55,72 €
19,90 €/kg
Speck Sanus pack

Speck Sanus Gourmet

pack, 90 g

2,66 €
29,50 €/kg
Speck Sanus core piece

Speck Sanus Gourmet

core piece, 550 g

13,70 €
24,90 €/kg
"Frankfurter Sausage” 4 piece pack

"Frankfurter Sausage” Sanus

4 piece pack, 250 g

3,73 €
14,90 €/kg
"Servelade Sausage” 2 piece pack

"Servelade Sausage” Sanus

2 piece pack, 300 g

4,47 €
14,90 €/kg
"Meraner Sausage” 2 piece pack

"Meraner Sausage” Sanus, 100% pork

2 piece pack, 200 g

2,98 €
14,90 €/kg
Sausage 4 piece pack

Sausage Sanus, skinless

4 piece pack, 350 g

5,22 €
14,90 €/kg

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News from Vontavon in South Tyrol

In this section, you will find the latest news on speck ham, sausages, ham, regional specialities and our company.


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